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Soundhole Covers
Hand finished SOLID WOOD carvings that fit into a guitars soundhole quickly and easily, you won't even have to loosen the strings. LuteHoles are held in the soundhole by a resilient gasket. Since they don't completely cover the soundhole they don't suppress the instruments natural voicing and air flow. Because each one is crafted to order, please allow three weeks for shipping.
Holey Strap
Leather Guitar Straps
Our beautiful leather strap is cut from thick high-quality leather. This is no thin veneer of leather sewn to a piece of fabric. It will be the last strap you ever need to buy (unless you have more than one guitar). The Holey Strap is 2.5" wide and the length is adjustable from 37" to 50" or 43" to 61"

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MADE IN THE USA. Please allow three weeks for shipping.