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Luke Bryan at the Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA.  

Bret Michaels on the George Lopez show 

Kenny Loggins playing on Capitol Hill 

Hi Guys, Thanks for getting me my last Lute Hole in time for my European shows!
It arrived just in time and works great. This makes six! I thought I would send you this great video
featuring the Lute Hole you made for my Taylor. Its getting lots of plays and is set to become a
tourism promo for the Florida Keys. Thanks again for being a great and responsive company.
Sincerely - Dave Feder -

Taylor Swift

Martin Lucas - The Celturian

Below are pictures of some folks that have
been spotted using a LuteHole.

taylor swift
Taylor Swift

Jon Foreman
Jon Foreman from Switchfoot

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan with with custom LuteHole soundhole cover.

sandberg lutehole
Sandberg - Gränna Sweden

American Idol
Randy Travis on American Idol 2009 with Carrie Underwood.


Richie Sambora
Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi with his custom oval LuteHole.

Kenny Loggins with a LuteHole
Kenny Loggins

Randy Bachman
Randy Bachman from The Guess Who and
Bachman Turner Overdrive

collective soul
Ed Roland from Collective Soul with a custom designed LuteHole

Randy Travis
Randy Travis (and Lance in the background)

kenny loggins
Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr - Blue Sky Riders.
Photo by Jeff Bouchard.

Gary Burr
Gary Burr from Blue Sky Riders.

Alexis with her custom LuteHole soundhole cover.

Steve Stout
Steve Stout from Blondfire

Jody Payne
"LuteHoles are the answer to the BLACK HOLE"
Jody Payne from The Willie Nelson Family

Jon Foreman
Jon Foreman's Custom LuteHole (his original artwork)

Mark Casstevens
Kerry Marx and Mark Casstevens from the Grand Ole Opry.

Steve Azar
Steve Azar
Click on the photo above to see a QuickTime Movie of Steve

Martin Lucas - The Celturian

Holly Spears
Holly Spears

Dave Clo
Dave Clo

Frank Carmelitano
Frank Carmelitano

Hi there,
Just to say thank you so much for making such a great thing, the Lute hole. I'm a guitar player for La Mort Subite, a gypsy/folk/jazz/balkan band based in Reading, UK and have installed it on my Martin OMC-X with great results. No more feedback on stage and a very natural note indeed!!!

Best Regards, Nikos Pyromalis

Brian Damico
Brian Damico

cargo guitar

I'm not usually at a loss for words, but this is far-and-away the most beautiful thing I've ever attached to any of my guitars. I bought this CA Cargo in order to not suffer the pain of taking my other axes on airplanes. Or out in the heat and grunge. When I got ithe Cargo, I was so surprised by the sound, both on and off the "juice", that sometimes I lost track of the fact that the Cargo is not made of wood.

Feedback was almost nil when plugged in. But sometimes "almost" isn't enough.

Now, with this LuteHole from the custom shop, no feedback even in my dreams. I chose this design and wood. You judge the beauty of this in the Cargo. Who says wood and carbon fiber don't mix?

Thanks for making this for me. Thanks for getting it to me so fast. And thanks for having a business delivering such a fantastic, high quality, and artful product in such a professional manner. That's rare these days, you know? - Bill "Magwa" Keener

Stevie G
I own several Lute Holes for several different guitars. My main (acoustic) is my beautiful Taylor 614 CE. I was so excited to find a product that not only enhanced the appearance of my Taylor but also works as well as it does!!! Everywhere we go I hear the same thing, the Taylor is a beautiful guitar but it looks different and they can't tell why and when I show them the Lute Hole it just blows them away! Thanks Lute Hole for everything and especially to your shipping department for catching up the latest one I ordered to me out on the road. Great product, great service, Thanks Lute Hole!

Stevie G
Stevie G and the Rockerz

Michael Wiess
"The detailed custom design is instantly eye-catching everywhere I play. This coupled with great funtionality makes it a necessay piece of equipment for all of my guitars, on and off stage." -Michael Weiss

JR Bell
This custom sound hole cover has been an awesome addition to my favorite guitar. I get compliments on your work, and I am sure to direct them to your website. - Thanks again, JR Bell


Don Carr
Don Carr
lead guitarist for The Oak Ridge Boys

JJ Cale 2

JJ Cale 3

JJ Cale

acoustic guitar

Just for information, I've bought my first lutehole in France in a little shop in Paris named "CUSTOM SHOP"... few years ago... that's how I knew your products... I really enjoy your work and that's the reason why I want to fit every of my guitars with your sound covers... Many people (who are coming to see me performing) ask me about the sound cover... I give them your web site... wish your the very best and 1000 000 of transactions!!
- ciao Sofaï

Cheryl Rae
"I absolutely love all the lutehole products, I dont get anymore feedback..and the lutehole covers are so beautiful they enhance all my guitars"
-Cheryl Rae

Larry Tritel's Takamine

David Love onstage at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto playing with the Bachman Cummings Band.

gene baker
My guitar doesnt go anywhere without the Lute Hole so ya got it right. All my best, Gene Baker

jesse jennings
I love my lutehole! I use it in my Larrivee SD-60 sh and the lutehole compliments the guitar so well. It looks great and really works like a charm. I'm recomending lutehole to everyone I know. I've fallen in love with this thing! thank you so much! - Jesse Jennings

jen murdza
Jen Murdza

Jeff Douglas Jeff Douglas from The Oak Ridge Boys

Nori Bucci
Nori Bucci

Custom sideport LuteHole for Luthier Mel Wrangham

Dave Feder
"These Lutholes work great. We used them all over Mexico and the US these last two years and they are awesome. They have saved us from many less than wonderful sound system situations. And you know it's very hard to find an engineer who can properly EQ our sound with the gut-string guitars. It's a relief to play with the Luteholes and we leave them in most of the time. I'm going to order two more this week!
- Dave and Nyan Feder

Nyan Feder
Nyan Feder

Lee Prince
"I'm impressed !!!  I've been using your Lute Hole covers for a few months now in varying venues and volumes. The custom sizes for my Santa Cruz work perfectly and my Martin has never been happier.
- Lee Prince

Baby Taylor
02 Maple in Magda Hiller's Baby Taylor

Rene Lawrence
I never go anywhere without them. I own one for each of my guitars.
They are light, beautiful, effective and functional.
-Rene Lawrence

Randy B
"Hello,  I would like to say, you make a great product. I dont play my old penco electrically, and at first I was worried that your lute hole cover would take away from the sound of this rare old guitar, boy was I wrong, it doesnt effect it one bit, with the model #1  it even brings the high notes out a little better."
- Thank you, Randy B.  p.s  doesnt it look great too?  

SS Lawrence
"I love the lutehole I just received so much I just ordered 6 more. I'll get more when I get more guitars as I love the look they give. I told all my friends about them so you'll be hearing from them also. Thanks for the fantastic product."
- Talk to you again soon, SS Lawrence

 "Received the LuteHole today. I can't get over the quality of your product. Man, that thing is great! Makes any acoustic guitar look better. Please don't change a thing. To others who are thinking about ordering one, just do it! You won't be disappointed."
- Denny McClery

"Received the lute hole last night and immediately installed it and took it to rehearsal. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is a great fit that served the initial purpose 100%. Somehow I even still get enough tone when practicing myself unplugged that I’ll just leave it in."
- Rich Krainak

The lutehole and the strap for my beloved Lowden arrived today. You cannot believe how happy I am with it! Besides the fact that it really looks beautiful the soundhole gives the instrument a very cool support for the special Lowden tone. When ever I have money again I'll get some more of this stuff."
- Thanks a lot, Wolfgang

Scott Halleck
"My Lute Hole really helps stop the feedback from stage loud monitors going into my pickups. It looks real nice on the guitar also."
- Scott Hallock

"Thanks again for such a nice product. Just got my mahogany hole cover it's as nice as the walnut only warmer, just beautiful!"
- Thanks!  Kevin Dahill

"Love my lutehole. People just stop and stare at it. Check me out at"
- Leon Edwards

Yamaha APX 6N
"I want to inform you that I received the LuteHole. It fits perfectly, is nice and will do a good work. I have got some photos of my guitar (Yamaha APX 6N, from the 80's) with the new oval LuteHole. I will recommend your professional work to everybody."
- Regards, Francisco Pinto

Yamaha APX 6N
Oval soundhole cover for Yamaha APX.

"I am really happy with my lutehole, it's the best product on the market for so long, delicate, beautiful, a really artistic job! The post sale service is great, I can't believe the fast you answered my question's, and provide me real solutions, and demonstrate me that you really love what you do. All the package the product, the people and the company leads the way that things should be!"

With love from Argentina
Mario Molina


07 Lutehole"Thank you Kelly.  It fit inside my 3 15/16" sound hole; and it's beautiful. It doesn't muffle the original sound much; and it accentuates the bass without boom while lending to a clean and even overall sound. My guitar is loud. The harmonics still ring, and the note separation is actually better because the overtones are now lightened a bit.  My OM size guitar has a lot of sustain. It's a keeper; and the Lute Hole will be permanently seated in my sound hole because of its looks and functionality even without having electronics."
- Chip  

"Recently installed a model 2 maple in my new Martin - I LOVE IT! Looks great and even makes the guitar sound better! Matches perfectly - looks like it was made that way!
- James

Michael T. BarthAbsolutely fantastic! Very nice craftsmanship guys, I couldn't be more pleased. The rosewood has such rich color, keep up the great work.
- Sincerely, Michael T

susan Hickman
Susan Hickman

Stace Lotz has lots of LuteHoles.Lotz 1
Martin 12 string Performing Artist
Lotz 2
Takamine Koa Grand Auditorium
Lotz 3
Ovation 1617 Golden Legend
Lotz 4
Martin 6 string
Lotz 5
Parker P8

I am really please at the way this turned out!  Zero feedback issues now.  Thank you for the great product!

- monty criswell, o'fallon, mo

I received my Lute Hole Cover yesterday. It's beautiful, and my guitar looks better with it than without, and the feedback issues seem to be completely eliminated! I will know for sure after my next gig but I am extremely confident.

Thanks for the quick delivery, an amazing product, and even better customer service!
Sincerely - Paul


I just purchased your walnut light lute hole cover and I'm very happy with both the performance and appearance of your product. The fretboard protrudes into the soundhole a little, so I did some sanding to get a custom fit. The Celtic scroll pattern harmonizes well with the scroll inlay on my Ibanez EW40CBENT. The walnut wood goes very well with the cocobolo body of the guitar. Your lute hole cover does a fine job of reducing acoustic feedback, and the light version doesn't change the "unplugged" sound much at all. Thank you for producing a product that solves a serious performance problem while also enhancing the appearance of the instrument. Cheers, Dave

Yamaha APX500In this email I had attached some pictures of my black Yamaha APX500 with the custom lutehole soundcover in it. It's look great, and the sound is awesome. I really love it and I will recomend it to every guitarrist I know. Full satisfaction. Ibrahim Torres - Puerto Rico

Larrivee SD 60 SH

Adrian Baily
I just received my custom #15 for my ukulele and it looks terrific! I had to sand down the top slightly to fit the fretboard but overall it looks great. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my request and thanks for making my Martin look like a custom. Keep up the fine work! Sincerely, - Adrian Bailey

Oliver SpechtOliver Specht Baritone

I received the lutehole cover yesterday... it really is Great!
Such a finely produced product - I'd go so far as to say 'perfect' :)

Complements my Martin OMC15E perfectly in a 'natural' way.

Seems to improve the clarity of the bass notes too.

Brilliant product.
As you can tell... I'm very happy with it!

Best regards, Chris

Rob Kosinski
Rob Kosinski

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for this great product. I now own 4 lute holes. Every single one of them gets used! - But I gotta admit, my cocobolo num 10 is my absolute favorite! They are simply fantastic, they allow me to give a unique look to any mass produced guitar, but they also affect tone in great ways! I have learned to use each of my luteholes in different settings, songs. Each affect the tone differently, its almost like having multiple guitars. Keep on producing these truely unique works of art!
- Alex
P.S - My GF loved the pendants!

micha binderMicha Binder

Thank You. I just received the lutehole and I must say that it is exactly what I wanted. Even better than the picture online. I am extremely happy with it and thanks to the company for supplying great guitar accessories. -Nicamay

Taylor guitars
The fine folks at Taylor Guitars are kind enough to lend us a guitar at tradeshows. So, we show our appreciation by displaying a custom Taylor LuteHole. (Sorry, they are not for sale.)

Celtic Guitar Book
Celtic Guitar - By Glenn Weiser

I bought my Taylor 614 back in 2000 and found your product then but did not purchase it. I guess I was just being frugal. I have been keeping tabs making sure you guys still made these before I wouldn’t be able to get one. I am truly glad that I got it now. I should have never waited. I put it in my sound hole and off I went. After I put the kids to bed, I began playing. It made my guitar feel like it was brand new and custom made. I stared in the mirror for at least 10 minutes. Amazing beauty this piece brings to my Taylor. I played for 3 hours. Now, I haven’t played that long for a couple years because the kids have taken so much of my time. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a dad. However, your product has given me new joy in playing my instrument and making my music. I even wrote a new song last night. I was truly inspired! Thank you again for making a fantastic product!

-God bless, Bryan

Martin Lucas - The Celturian

Yesterday I recerive my LuteCover safely. Thanks much.

I enjoy playing my guitar putting this cover on. The sounds go toward a lute, my guitar sounds more delicate and meticulous. It's interesting.

Cheers, Kazuhiro Yoshizumi

Andy Chase Cundiff
Thank you for making my SWEET Taylor 615ce sound and look even better. I would have thought that impossible!
-Andy Chase Cundiff,

Texas Singer/Songwriter

Yamaha APX
Yamaha APX 10N
I just wanted to let you know that the Lute Hole arrived and it's great! It fits perfectly and it solves my feedback problem. It also looks fantastic.

Thanks a million, - Lisa Sanchez

Noah Andrade
Noah Andrade

"I love this thing.  I haven't tried it out on a gig yet, but through my studio speakers, it seems to do what I need it to do.  I'm amazed at the fact that the overall acoustic volume of the instrument isn't as diminished as I expected.  I'll be showing it off at school today. All my students are going to freak out.  Excellent!  My guitar looks awesome!  It is really nice to buy a product that is so beautiful AND provides a necessary function at the same time. Congratulations on a stroke of genius. Feel free to quote me. I'll let you know if I run into any gig related problems, but if I do, I'll just be ordering the other design for more extreme feedback reduction. This is a fantastic idea!"

-Best regards, Chris Cortez


"Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with my lute hole #15 in maple.  It was a special order (3 3/4" on a "00" deep body Tacoma)... I didn't expect it would sound so good played acoustically,  as I purchased it to control feedback and add beauty simultaneously. The acoustic sound is still bright yet warm but the boom or womp has been eliminated. I have not taken it out except to work on my SBT inside the guitar.
Plugged in it works equally well. I am using less EQ and have not had any feedback problems to date, and the amplified sound is great!"
Thanks again!! Great product!!

- Regards, Kevin

Jay Riling
Just a note to let you know I received the Lute Hole and it is beautiful. It really adds to the look of my Takamine TANCOV. Functionally it cuts pretty much the same amount of the feedback as the “feedback buster” does. Unplugged the guitar still sounds fantastic, just a wee mellower. Thanks again for a great product that’s the perfect addition to any acoustic.

- Best Regards, Jay Riling

day of the dead lutehole"Hi There
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my lutehole. It makes a huge difference to feedback and looks great!"
All the best - David

Br Kyösti

I'm just writing to say how much I love your sound hole covers. I have two of the heavy feedback control models, one for each of my performance guitars. I play pretty loud with my trio and i have never had the slightest problem with feedback. The tone is a million times better than those plastic ashtrays people stick in their guitars. In fact, the sound is so good, I just leave them in the sound hole whether I'm plugged in or not.
Thanks for a great, beautiful product. - will cheshier

Received my Lutehole, looks fabulous on my Martin and Guitar sounded great plugged in at yesterdays gig, not a hint of feedback.
Many thanks, lovely product.
Ian Tompkins.


"Well done. My Fender Stratacoustic now has a uniqueness all its own. Thanks for the help in figuring out what to purchase. All Hail Lutehole!" - Mike

Will CheshierWill Cheshier

"Beautiful work. the fit is most excellent. i do notice the reduction in overall volume but not in the quality of the tone of the guitar. feedback has to find another guitar to plague - mine's got a lutehole!! "
thanks again - T. Curtis

Tacoma DR55
Tacoma DR 55

"Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the walnut 3 1/4'' cover for my classical. Perfect fit, beautiful and no change whatsoever in the acoustic tone of my classical. I found myself taping up the back with electrical tape to really kill 100% of any feedback from my fishman undersaddle pickup. If you have any material that you use to cover the back cut to a 3 1/4'' diameter let me know,but the electrical tape does the trick. Thanks again for a great product! I was reluctant due to the price but now i'm a believer. Leaving for a tour and I'll spread the word. Thanks also for getting it to me in time."

Regards, Bill Kasper

01 maple lute hole

"Dear everyone at The Lute Hole Company, I purchased one of your covers just to give it a try. I am blown away. I know it looks good, but it absolutely resolved problems I have been fighting in recording a Martin 000-28H instantly. No more boom, feedback sensitivity gone. I have clarity, can use piezo or internal mic with no problem. I play fingerstyle acoustic, plectrum acoustic in many styles. I have been playing for 40 years. I don't ever want to without one of these. It lets me play freely unafraid of feedback, distortion, extra resonance, etc. in the two places I have been haunted by it...the studio and on stage. No DI box can match the benefits... though I still think a good DI is needed.

I had two people ask me where I got the cover at a gig last night and I enjoyed a night of playing mostly acoustic with perfect fit, great looks, great sound, and no feedback. I have never used a soundhole cover of any kind, and I am absolutely blown away by how much better my Martin 000-28H sounds on stage and in the studio with one of these covers installed. Biggest single thing I have ever done.

I just cannot tell you how pleased I am. I just ordered 3 more. What a great product. Guitars with internal pickups should come with one."

- Thanks, David Bergsma

Another beautiful Tacoma.

Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the LuteHole I received. It fit perfectly, and looks really great. I was pleasantly surprised by how thick and sturdy the LuteHole was, the pictures don't do it justice, it seems very well made and durable. Thanks for a great product, and I can't wait to try it on stage. Hope I can do business with you again."

- Thanks, Ralph Rivera

shadow pickup
Shadow Pickup attached to 01.

"Finally had a good opportunity to play at a site where feedback had been a problem.  I am satisfied as to how the sound hole cover worked. I was able to play at higher volumes which allowed me to hear myself much better than before. (without the loud roar that would occur if I dared move much to the left or right. Also, your cover is very attractive and well made."

- Thanks so much, Larry

Takamine TAN 20
Custom shape to accommodate existing soundhole pickup.

Received Lute Hole today. It fits perfectly and looks amazing. So Lenny Kravitz has a Peter Morrison shape has he? Eric Clapton will want one next.
- cheers Pete

Gibson Guitar

"I'm a Singer/Songwriter in the Los Angeles area.  I have a Taylor 814CE guitar.  I once had a Maple Design 15 lute hole that was given to me as a gift and I really liked it.  I've gotten many compliments on it and many musicians and people ask me about it all the time so it's a great conversation piece as well as a nice way to control feedback."

- Tracy Niles

Kelly Bass 1
Michael Kelly Bass

Kelly Bass detail
#16 design in Kelly Bass

"I was able to use my new Lute Hole Cover this past weekend. It worked great and looks beautiful in the guitar. This has really helped a problem that I have wrestled with for years."

Many thanks - Ed Pollock

15 walnut lute hole

"Thanks for the swift dispatch of the lutehole. I put it on a high end ibanez and it not only looks great, it sorts the slightly treble top end that the guitar had. It was a breeze to fit, just a slight trim for the slightly over hanging neck, literally 10 minutes sanding on a block of sandpaper, and there it was fitted, looking expensive, beautiful, and solved a treble end personal taste thing and fedback in one go. Just holds the sound in the guitar body for that bit longer to let all the strings sing together. It turned a guitar i love into a guitar i REALLY love. i know this sounds like a made up gusy reveiew but it is absolutely the truth. I have a gibson EJ-160 that will be getting one too. thanks againfor the troublefree and two day turnaround of my order."
- rgds Neil Warmington

Dave Clo's Guitar
Dave Clo's beautiful rosewood #15

"I've been using the #1 design in my Ovation 1867 for about two years. I'm not one of those guys that parks a Taylor or a Gibson in his garage, I play five to six nights a week...acoustic, bass, electric, whatever. I play Ovation because it sounds and feels great. I use a LuteHole because it sounds and looks great. I record straight into the mic with it in. By now a guitar without it just doesn't look right, I feel sorry for the guy (or girl) without a LuteHole."

- Keep up the good work, MOON

Magda Hiller
Magda Hiller

neil bergman"Two years ago I was monitor engineer with a national country act. We picked up a new steel guitar player (who doubled on acoustic guitar) a week after I arrived.  His previous gig was with an artist who was, somehow, endorsed by Lute Hole.

I'd seen your ads in the back of guitar magazines, but had never seen the product up close. After showing me the one in his acoustic, he gave me one of the other two he owned for my guitar, which I'd brought on the bus.

Frankly, I was amazed, right from the get-go. I experimented with the Lute Hole equipped guitar, using my cue wedge, at several shows. As a feedback control device it was wonderful.

But more amazing was the timbre my guitar yielded when unplugged.  I'd used a rubber plug previously, and while it elminates feedback, it also sucks the life right out of an acoustic guitar.  Forget about playing the guitar, unplugged, with a rubber plug installed.

The Lute Hole was a very different story.  In addition to reducing unwanted feedback, it diffused the air flow out my soundhole considerably, which allowed me to record with a mic pointed near or directly into the soundhole without fear of low end woof.  The timbre was pleasantly balanced with the Lute Hole installed.  In fact, the only time I remove it, these days, is to gain low end when playing outdoors with no amplification.

Do I even need to mention how beautiful design #14, in cherry, looks against my spruce top? This is a fantastic, useful product that adds beauty to any instrument.  I've suggested to friends in the Musicplayer Guitar Forum that, rather than waste money on a thinline instrument, they stick with a full bodied instrument with a Lute Hole. They'll achieve wonderful feedback rejection, from a sweeter sounding instrument, because of your product."

-Thanks! Neil Bergman

Bryan Lubeck
"Love the Lute Hole, it helps a lot on stage. It will be seen shortly when I open for Craig Chaquico in St. Joseph, MI for the Smooth Jazz at Sunset Festival. I used it in my promo and album photo's - looks great and always has other guitarists asking about it."
Thanks again for a great product.– Bryan Lubeck

"I recieved my order a few days ago and man it was worth the wait!! The walnut LuteHole in my nylon really sets of the other woods. The other 2 are in my Larrivees. I think I may have started something around here! (Charleston) I played a gig Sunday night at a local pub. What a response from my friends! They said the guitar looks so cool with a LuteHole instead of a gapping hole. Plus no feedback!!! I was able to increase the gain to define the fingerpicking without worry of feedback. I should have purchased them along time ago.

- Dennis DuPont (nylonder)

I wanted you to know I received my beautiful lute-hole cover a few days ago.  It’s very, very nice and is a wonderful addition to my new Taylor 510ce L9.  I am considering another order or two for my friends, as they are also serious guitar players and would no doubt love your products.

- Respectfully, Jay Robinson


"I bought the lutehole primarily to eliminate monitor feedback (which it does quite nicely), but was even more surprised at the visual impact it has on audiences. Most people think it's part of a special exotic guitar, but it's just my Guild with your lutehole."
- John ( from John & Vicky)

"Just wanted to thank you for finding one in back stock for me. Looks and works great! Man it looks nice! I haven't been able to put the guitar back in it's case since I installed that thing. It's on display in the studio and probably will be for a good while."
- Thanks again, Kevin Dahill


Custom LuteHole with a recessed center.

"Just a note to let you know, happily I received my shipment today!

They are beautiful! I installed them with ease, and immediately they looked as if they had always been there!

The '06' does a great job of minimizing the massive feed-back I get when I plug in my acc/el bass. I can even get close enough to the amp to adjust it!

The '16' blends perfectly with the finish on my Martin, and my fear of diminished "unplugged" sound were completely washed away at the first pluck of the strings.

These sweet beauties are in place for good! "

Thanks again - Scott Heath

andy phan
Great quick service, package got to me in two days, perfectly packed, and well wrapped and man! The Lutehole sound hole cover makes my cindy inlays on my 912C taylor SHINE!
Thanks again! - Andy Phan

basil angelo

Michael Maskarinec
Michael Maskarinec


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